Good News Camp Testimonials

Thank God for the Good News Camp.  It has been a blessing to be able to come and get some food and clothing when I have next to nothing at this time.  Please keep helping us this way.                                                                                                                              Sincerely,

                                                                                    Rose White, N.O.

When I finally returned to my home, it was full of water. The smell was overwhelming and depression overtook my mind.  The Good News Camp is the only place open in New Orleans to help us inside the city.  The camp has been such a help in meals and relief supplies.  My home was destroyed but I’ve been very touched by the care and concern and prayers of the relief workers at this place.  I feel God in the camp and see Him working.

                                                                                    Joseph Newman, N.O.

Since I’ve been coming here and eating with the people, it’s been real nice.  The food is great but the message is always better.

Darrell Domangue, N.O.

If it weren’t for some of the people (medical volunteers) here, I would have lost a lot of blood.  I had stepped on a piece of crystal, but I’m thankful they were here to help me.

Andrew Detiveaus, N.O.

Thanks...I found a black outfit (at the free store) to wear to my best friend’s funeral.  All my clothes were gone with Katrina.  God bless you all.

                                                                                    Eva, N.O.

It’s strange to be on the receiving end after the storm; now I know that when one gives, it is appreciated and we must keep casting bread on water because eventually it ends up where it’s needed.  

                                                                                    Joan Rooney, N.O.

Has done relief work herself.

I’m writing this in great appreciation of the great service your organization has provided to me and the public in general.  I lost everything I had in hurricane Katrina.  The food and cleaning supplies have aided me greatly.  It is nice to know that people care when things are at their worst.  Religion is what is holding this city together.

                                                                        Thanks for caring,

                                                                        Francis A LoLascio, N.O.

The Good News Camp has provided diapers for my grandchildren, food items and cleaning supplies.  I am the only member of my family whose house did not flood and I am in the area getting things for them and other people.

                                                                        Ann Hudson, N.O.

I’m living in a tent because of my home was destroyed.  I was a taxi driver but now there is no work.  Because of the Good News Camp I am able to eat meals, pick up relief supplies and have spiritual help.  Thank you for everything and for helping N.O.

                                                                        Solomon Mseku, N.O.

I lost my house and business in 5 ft. of water.  I didn’t know people as good as you existed.

                                                                        Bruce Conley, Attorney at law, N.O