What Pastors and Ministry Leaders are Saying…

Our P.E.A.C.E. RELIEF teams… have worked alongside Pastor Jerry Davis across the world, from New Orleans to Myanmar, from Galveston, to Haiti, from Alabama to Japan. We admire his willingness to work with the whole Body of Christ in relieving suffering, encouraging the homeless and the hopeless, and sharing the GOOD NEWS of NEW LIFE through our Lord Jesus. Consider using Jerry’s years of expertise and partner with his Disaster Pastor Network. That’s what Saddleback is doing to multiply our effectiveness.”

Dr. Rick Warren - Saddleback Church

On behalf of Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church... we would like to thank you for all you have done and continue doing to assist victims in this storm. We pray God continues to richly bless all that your hand finds to do.

Rev Kevin Comes, CEO Lakewood Church



I have known and worked with Jerry Davis over 20 yrs. No one could be more suited for the work he does in Disaster relief & compassion ministry. I have seen him in action nationally and  internationally. It is a pleasure to be a reference regarding the integrity and capabilities of Disaster Pastor Jerry Davis.

Dr J Doug Stringer, Somebody Cares


"I appreciate so much your ministry to God's people and the lost. It is our prayer God will continue to bless you as a channel of the Holy Spirit to communicate Christ to a needy world."

Paul Crouch - TBN


"When my friend, Evangelist Jerry Davis speaks about Jesus Christ, people accept him. When he challenges believers to evangelize and reach out to others they accept the challenge."

Jay Alan Sekulow - ACLJ


Jerry Davis understands how to serve communities following disasters. I was honored to be his partner and liaison to both the governmental and spiritual leadership of New Orleans. As a pastor and former 9th ward state representative, I know the complexities of faith based community service in cooperation with city, state and national government. I was pleased to introduce Pastor Davis to the New Orleans City Council. I also introduced him to dozens of NOLA Pastors and civic leaders. He never failed to operate with integrity and compassion for our City and her people.

I personally know thousands of my constituents and our entire 9th ward district who were directly and positively affected by the cleanup, gut outs, debris removal, distribution of food, clothing, cleaning supplies and much more which was achieved by the thousands of volunteers he invited and hosted for an entire year following Katrina.

Rev Leonard Lucas, Former 9th Ward State Rep, Light City Church

I along with tens of thousands of New Orleans people were blessed by food, clothes, cleaning supplies, and amazing volunteers in the reconstruction of our homes, churches and businesses. I am happy to recommend Pastor Jerry Davis to any community in need, especially following disasters.

Please feel free to call or write me regarding any questions you may have regarding my friend Pastor Jerry Davis. He led massive amounts of volunteers in the cleanup and recovery of New Orleans. His heart for service and compassion for our community is an example to any and all to understand what faith based community service is all about.

Rev Emmanuel Smith Jr, Coalition of New Orleans Pastors, Israelite Baptist Church


Katrina taught us a lot of lessons... Pastor Jerry and his staff have the potential to provide a complete turn key operation in any size disaster.  I say potential because if his ministry does not have the support from all partners, federal and state it will always be an uphill climb. I would be honored to tell Pastor Jerry's story.

Col Cathy Vittoria  - Louisiana Nat Guard, Ret

Jerry, You're doing it right. Keep it up!"  

Mike Murdock

"We're so touched by your ministry. People really ought to get behind you and the incredible work you are doing."

Charles and Francis Hunter

"Jerry is a powerful brother with a tremendous ministry that is blessing many nations! He's a man of vision and lives to give. You can trust him."

Don Sims - Int'l Vice-President, Calvary International

"The ministry of Jerry Davis will put absolute confidence and desire in your church to do the work of these last days..."

Pastor Steve Teel - The King's Church Humble/Houston, TX

"...Jerry's radical but proven ways encourage and motivate believers with what it takes to reach the lost in the 90's..."

Pastor Karl Barancik - Faith Fellowship, Flint, MI

" Jerry practices what he preaches, both here in the states and around the world."

Pastor Edward Haspany - Trinity Worship Center McAllen, TX

"Ignited the flame of evangelism in the heart of our congregation. We are seeing immediate results.."

Pastor Paul Estates - Christ Church International, Dothan, AL

"..gave us renewed excitement , boldness and vision to reach out to others in our community with the love of God."

Pastor Paul Glass - Rex Community Church, Rex/Atlanta, GA

"..an exciting anointed evangelist, who teaches the body how to share Jesus. His enthusiasm is encouraging and uplifting.."

Pastor John Bulloch - Faith Fellowship Detroit, MI

"Whether Jerry is preaching to the unsaved or teaching Christians to witness, God confirms his word with much fruit."

Pastor Albert Hale - Grace Christian Fellowship Spring/Houston, TX

"Jerry helps keep our church focused...I'd highly recommend his ministry to any pastor."

Pastor Dominic Russo - Bloomfield Hills Christian Church, Detroit, MI

"His excellent training session have helped us win countless souls."

Pastor Dominick Avello - Cornerstone Christian Church Hollywood, FL

"..Since he trained our people in evangelism, we have won approximately 9,000 people to the Lord in the past 3-4 years. My people really love him."

Pastor Dean Garner - Rhema Family Church Corpus Christi, TX

"..the pure fire of evangelism in his bones..dares to go where people are hurting most..tremendous blessing to the church."

Pastor Isaiah Williams - Jesus People Ministries Miami, FL

"..a dynamic ministry to the body of Christ..understands and submits to the local church..Possesses the unique ability to network with other ministries always edifies our fellowship."

Pastor Tom Peters - Trinity Church International Lake Worth/Palm Beach, FL

"'Jerry is a true evangelist with a heart to reach the lost and the ability to train churches...to fulfill the Great commission."

Terry Mize - Missionary/Evangelist Tulsa, OK

"..the unique ability to wake up Christians to the divine purpose of why we are in the world. His gift to simplify and teach soulwinning is a tremendous asset to the body of Christ."

Pastor John B. Lowe - New Life Christian Center, Warsaw, IN

"There's a real anointing on Jerry to lay a challenge upon the church in one on one evangelism... always leaves us and our people on an upnote."

                                        Pastor Bob Thompson - The Early Church Plano/Dallas, TX

"..an anointed servant of God..has motivated, activated and provoked our whole congregation to do outreach."

Pastor Lydia Taylor - Love International, Ventura, CA

"I have never known anyone who operates in the office of an evangelist as well. He does what Ephesians 4:11 says an evangelist does."

Pastor Frank Griffith - Word of Faith Gulf Shores, AL

"..In my opinion he teaches the best seminar on evangelism I've ever heard. We know a lot of our church growth has come through his ministry..."

Pastor L.M. Thorne - Abundant Life Church Fort Walton Beach, FL

Jerry has a unique anointing to communicate to young and old their responsibility to prophetic evangelism. We look forward to the future times of his impartation to our church family and ministries.

Pastor Tom Hamon - C.I. Network of Prophetic Ministries, Santa Rosa, FL

Our Honorary Board includes: Doug Stringer, Jay Sekulow, Ron Luce, Charles& Francis Hunter, Dr Hilton Sutton, Dr Gerald Davis and Israel Houghton. Our Pastors Counsel includes dozens of pastors nationwide. Our Board of Advisors include a wide variety of ministry and business leaders. Below are a few of their comments over the years. Some honorary board members are now deceased. These individuals, many mentor figures, remained available to you and your ministry even until the time of their passing on to Glory.