About Jerry

The Man


Husband / Father / Missionary Evangelist/ Singer / Songwriter / Musician / Author

Born: 1955
Born Again: 1960
Baptized in the Holy Spirit at age 8
Testimony: Has always lived for the Lord
Widowed - Tribute to Melinda 
Twin daughters, Andrea and Tiffany, born 1977

Heritage: Great grandparents were on Azusa Street. At one time in the sixties, there were over thirty full time ministers in the Davis family, including Jerry's grandparents, his father Dr. Gerald Davis, his uncle Burnie, and numerous other uncles and cousins. Many have since gone to be with Jesus. Over 28 years of ministry: Began preaching on the streets at age 15, then in churches at age 16. Continues doing both.

ExperienceSr. Pastor, Music Ministry, Youth Ministry, Associate Pastor, Prison Ministry, Street Ministry. Traveling Ministry as an Evangelist since 1984. Foreign Missions Evangelism in over 60 countries.

Pastor: Kerry Shook - Fellowship of the Woodlands / Joel Osteen Lakewood Church.
*For referral contact FOTW: Alan Splawn / Lakewood: Renee' Branson
Since 2008, Jerry resides at his home in Houston, Texas.

The Ministry 
Jerry began his evangelistic compassion ministry in refugee camps during the Central American civil wars of the 1980’s. Then, before the walls came down in Russia, he preached in Red Square and smuggled Bibles into the Kremlin. In 1991, at a "political rally" in the Ukraine, Pastor Jerry preached to over 3,000 protestors who immediately joined him in public prayer for their salvation. In Cuba he has ministered in churches, national conferences and pastor seminars across the island. In 1991 he also preached at what was said to have been the first Gospel street rally held in Havana since Castro's revolution. In 1994, only weeks after the genocide in Rwanda, Jerry was in the Rwanda and Burundi refugee camps sharing the Gospel and feeding starving children. During Hurricane Mitch, his ministry team conducted compassion ministry throughout every country in Central America. During the Kosovo war, Jerry could be found in both Kosovo and Albania sharing Christ’s love with Muslims. A few days following the terrorist attacks on 911, his band and ministry team conducted memorial services on the streets of New York in the parks where people gathered to light candles and pray for victims and their families. Jerry has conducted street concerts many times following bus bombings in Israeland the Palestinian territories. When the Tsunami killed over 300,000 people, Jerry and team flew to Indonesia and conducted concerts and relief ministry in Muslim and Buddhist refugee camps. FollowingKatrina, America’s biggest disaster to date, he founded the first and primary disaster relief camp in New Orleans, called “The Good News Camp”. Along with numerous ministry partners, Good News Camp provided some 75 million dollars in goods and services. He also hosted some 17,000 volunteers. This work has been praised by The Whitehouse, State governments, and the City of New Orleans. In 2008 Jerry & his Disaster Pastor Network responded to the horrific cyclone which killed 130,000 inMyanmar (also known as Burma). When almost no one was allowed entry, God graced Jerry’s ministry team with a miracle entrance and divine appointments which enabled them to minister in displaced persons camps, feed thousands of children, start an orphanage, dig water wells and support national pastors who continue relief efforts to this day.

Pastor Jerry Davis, along with his network of ministry partners which include Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Kerry Shook, Kenneth Copeland, Doug Stringer and many others hosted thousands of volunteers in Galveston, Texas following the Hurricane Ike disaster. The Good News Galveston campaign distributed approximately 5 million dollars of goods & services. Hurricane Ike was the 4th largest disaster in American history. Pastor Jerry was invited by the City of Galveston and encouraged by the Whitehouse, State & federal officials to engage fully in relief efforts.

Jerry has been known for his impactive preaching, soul winning teaching and performances as a soul stirring musical artist. As a musician, Jerry sings, plays piano, guitar, and has written over 150 songs, releasing three cd’s in English and one in Spanish.

Aside from his passion for disaster relief missions work, his greatest passion in ministry is Embassy Church, the church that "Grows and Goes", where he pastors in Porter / North Houston, TX. Embassy Church officially launched January 10, 2010.

Jerry is also the founder and director of The Embassy Club, which serves youth and young adults in an entertainment venue which competes with secular clubs, without compromising faith values. At the Embassy, Jerry is known as ‘da club pastor’.

Jerry Davis has made numerous appearances on Christian television and radio networks, including TBN, Daystar, 700 Club and KSBJ. His ministry has also been featured in Christianity Today and Charisma Magazine.

Interesting note: In 1989, Jerry Davis won a federal court battle for the right to preach and distribute tracts in public parks and beaches. This case, defended by well known Christian advocate attorney, Jay Sekulow, was well documented by TBN and the national press. The outcome of this case served to set a national precedent upholding public ministry in parks and beaches across the nation.