About Us


What we are:
Basically, The Disaster Pastor Network, and Christian World Embassy, and the Embassy Christian Nightclub are ministries founded by Jerry Davis, of Jerry Davis Streetreach Ministries Inc. 
Principally, they are all a part of a soul winning missions ministry organization, specializing in disaster relief evangelism.

The natural world has response teams for every emergency situation. For instance policeman, fireman, 911, bomb squads, rescue units, the marines, paratroopers, disaster relief emergency teams, etc.

The news media is always present in crisis situations reporting the bad news, which tends to bring hopelessness and fear. Our job is to enter the same crisis situation and report the good news which in turn fosters hope & faith.

Good News In Bad News Places Response Teams are caring Christians to the rescue bringing hope and love, lifting up Jesus in the midst of the Bad News, and conducting spiritual warfare against demonic forces utilizing spiritual weapons, five in particular:

  1. prayer
  2. praise
  3. worship
  4. evangelism
  5. the natural provisions of relief supplies

We are supplying millions of dollars worth of disaster relief necessities each year!
We are highly experienced in a variety of ministries including disaster relief evangelism, multi-cultural evangelism, music ministry, youth ministry, leadership training etc. We have conducted campaigns extensively throughout 55 counties so far. Our founder, Jerry Davis, has been in ministry for over thirty years.

What we are not
Good News in Bad News Places is not a political organization and will not be involved in nor used as such. We are not protesters or demonstrators. We are also not a denomination or fellowship. Rather we are servants and facilitators of bringing the body of Christ into one accord for the purpose of announcing to the world that Jesus is Lord and Savior and the answer for every bad news situation.

We seek to be

Multiracial, multi-cultural, non-denominational, and inclusive to those whose goals are the same as our own under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We seek to promote Godliness, holiness and Biblical virtues of character, integrity, honesty, and family values.

We will operate in the spirit of love, cooperation, unselfishness, kindness, gentleness and patience. However, we will be persistent in truth, righteousness and justice and not be deterred by those who would prefer Christians not be seen or heard.

We are committed to serve and strengthen other ministries, the churches and pastors and do all possible to be a blessing to local churches emphasizing them as God's discipleship program.